Shannon Brett

Shannon Brett has been a client at the Whole Approach studio for over 5 years. Her journey into the fitness world started about 5 years ago after a foot chase in her job as a Deputy Sheriff. After chasing a suspect, she found herself winded, gagging, and unable to stop coughing. She knew that it was important for her health and the performance of her job to focus on being healthy and fit. Shannon not only wanted to make a change for herself but also start her journey into helping others too. She decided to start the self study program for ACE personal training. Shannon successfully obtained her certification in December of 2016. She has participated in many classes over the years but took a special interest in TRX when it was first introduced at the Whole Approach. Over the last couple months, Shannon has started teaching TRX at the studio and has an interest in teaching Tabata, Strength and Conditioning, and boot camp classes. She feels that it important to design workouts that all fitness levels/ages can participate in. Shannon loves motivating people to try new things that they didn’t think they can accomplish. She takes great pride in knowing that she can help people live a longer and healthier life through education and fitness!