Small Group Personal Training (SGPT) & Group Exercise (GEX) Registration Form & Liability Waiver

The Whole Approach
50 Public Square
Holley, NY 14470


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Pricing & payment

I acknowledge and agree that this Small Group/one-on-one Personal Training/Group Exercise Contract is not transferable or assignable.  I acknowledge that payment is required for blocks of sessions/classes in advance of actual training sessions/classes.  I agree to pay in advance for training sessions/classes.  I understand this money is not refundable.  I understand this contract and the terms it presents is for the purchase of sessions/classes and any other purchase of services in the future.  I acknowledge that this specific contract, release of liability, consent, and agreement is continuously valid indefinitely. No refund will be granted for sessions/classes that have not been completed.


I acknowledge that appointment times/class times are reserved and that cancellations are not a service of the WA studio. I understand that I will not receive a refund for missed appointments. It is my responsibility to attend my personal training appointments/group exercise classes when they are scheduled or work with the small group/class roster I have been given, to create a scheduled switch.

Liability Waiver

I understand that there are risks involved in any exercise program. Medical approval is always recommended when starting an exercise program. I am physically sound and have received approval. I agree that The Whole Approach, Karen Lathigee-Blank & all our Instructors/Trainers are exempt from liability for any injury or disability that might be incurred as a result of this exercise program. I also understand that there are no refunds or extensions for my class fees unless your doctor recommends, in writing, that you cannot participate.

By checking this document, I attest, contract, acknowledge, and agree that I am legally bound by its content