Karen “K” Lathigee-Blank

Karen “K” Lathigee-Blank

Karen is a graduate of Monroe Community College where she earned a degree in Recreation Therapy/ Applied Science with a minor in Physical Education. She attended Monroe Community College again, focusing on Food Production & Nutrition as an avenue of study to further support the fight against the adult & childhood obesity epidemic and help students with this often overlooked link to their health.

Karen has almost 30 years experience in the Health & Wellness Industry. During those years Karen has taught group exercise classes, conducted personal trainings, directed facilities, developed Wellness educational programs, created The Whole Approach business and is a faculty trainer for the YMCA of USA Health & Well-Being Industry.

In addition to her degree, her certifications include; a nationally accredited ACE Group Exercise and Personal Training Certification, the highest Certification within the YMCA of USA system, Fitness Specialist, IM=X Certified Instructor, Yoga Fit Certified Instructor, Coordinated Approach to Child Health (CATCH) Certified Program Evaluator and is CPR/AED Certified.

Her trainer level courses include the YMCA of USA Group Exercise Faculty Trainer and Family Cook’s Certified Trainer.

She believes that wellness should be approached with the whole person in mind and should be a social/learning experience for each participant. Wellness educations should be taught in a nurturing environment that encourages participants to work at their own level while learning essential skills to build into a lifetime of Well-being!

All that and it better be FUN too!