We are OPEN and excited to have clients back in our studio! Here are some policies we have in place to keep clients and staff safe at The Whole Approach.

Class sizes are limited, therefore we unfortunately can not except walk-ins at this time. If you’d like to drop into a class, please reach out ahead of time to confirm there is space for you.

Everyone must sanitize their hands upon entering the studio and sign in. When you sign in, you agree to the following: “In the last 14 days I have not knowingly been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, I myself have not tested positive or had any symptoms of COVID-19, I am not waiting on COVID-19 test results for myself, I have not traveled to areas on the NY State travel advisory list, I will follow safety protocols set in place at The Whole Approach while attending programs.”

The floor is marked with “X’s” 6ft apart for clients to participate in class within a safe distance of each other.

No equipment is shared without first being sanitized before passing to another client.
Masks must be worn at all times from the time you enter the studio, until you leave. Masks breaks are planed into classes along with water breaks. Our goal is to give you excellent workouts, while keeping your as comfortable as possible with a mask.

Clients are asked to sanitize all equipment used at the end of class, just as has always been asked.

Instructors sanitize high touch areas between every class, including hallway hand railings, pens, door handles, studio floor, bathroom, and countertops.

As always, the wellness of our clients and staff remains our top priority and we hope that you feel safe and comfortable exercising with us.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting our business and helping us through the months of closure due to the pandemic. I had a lot of fun with outdoor classes, and making the Facebook live videos (they are still up free on our page!), but having clients back in studio has been an amazing feeling! It has been a wild ride of a first year in business, and I could not have done it without an incredible cliental and staff supporting me along the way! This pandemic has opened my eyes and heart to bigger goals for the business this year, and I hope you all will enjoy what’s to come!

The Whole Approach has a new owner!

Please welcome Lauren Blair ACSM EP.

Lauren is a SUNY Brockport graduate with a degree in Exercise Science, and an American College of Sports Medicine Certified Exercise Physiologist.

I first fell in love with The Whole Approach in 2016 as a student at SUNY Brockport when the former owner Karen Blank gave a presentation in class I was taking. After the presentation I applied for, and was granted my final semester internship at The Whole Approach! I was blown away with the kindness and education I was given from all of the clients and instructors during that time. I made the choice to stay on as an instructor and continue to learn and grown at this wonderful studio.

After a few short months, I was promoted to the Assistant Studio Director and was able to learn the business end of The Whole Approach while still teaching the classes I love. Karen and I began to talk deeper about our visions of an exercise studio and quickly realized we shared many of the same values of serving the community. I made the decision to become the new owner of The Whole Approach!

I feel exercise should be a celebration of all you are capable of, and not work to change your body image. I hope that The Whole Approach is a comfortable space for all where each and every client feels empowered.

Although I was not born and raised in the area, I have been absolutely overwhelmed by the support, kindness, and welcoming arms the people of this community have shown to me during this time of transition. Thank you all for making me feel so welcomed here!

Special Message – Announcement

It is with much excitement and gratitude that I share some amazing news with all of you; our wonderful staff, clients and friends!  On October 1, 2019; Lauren Blair will become the new owner of our beloved; Whole Approach Studio.

This is a dream come true for a business owner to be able to mentor, train and teach the new owner over the last 2.5 years.  Many of you have experienced what generally happens in a small studio; the owner looks for someone to buy, when they cannot and near retirement age; they close.  Our goal was simple; we want to stay and serve this beautiful community!

It is obvious with our tenure in the community for the last 16 years; there is a need for the Whole Approach studio here! Lauren and I believe that with our staff of 10 trainers, over 100 clients and with Personal Training growing by leaps and bounds; we are here to stay, grow and thrive

Please join me in congratulating Lauren and sharing our absolute gratitude to stay in the community and continue this service, grow this service and provide a healthy lifestyle for all!

Here is what you can expect

  • Karen will still teach here until she cannot get up the stairs. She may even teach more with less responsibilities on day to day operations
  • Nothing big is going to change, except for  Lauren’s new lens to add new programs, service and drive for more clients to remain relevant for the next 16 years
  • Karen and our staff will remain a strong support to Lauren and will continue to provide excellent classes, sessions and programs to all of you

Info About Group Exercise

  • Walk in anytime for classes marked Group Exercise
  • All Group Ex walk-in is reduced to $10!
  • Small group personal training is scheduled through Lauren Blair, 585-431-3522, [email protected]
  • Any walk-in scheduled for Small Group is reduced to $15 Please call to do a walk in at any session marked Small Group Personal Training (SGPT)
  • Don’t see a group you can attend on the schedule, reach out-we will create a group especially for you!
  • Thinking of signing up?

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